Welcome to my Art site.

I have been in Masonry 25 years of my life, It is Custom Art. I started writing in my late 30’s amassing over 200 poems and songs. I loved amateur photography until my new art discovery, It is my new found passion, I started drawing in late 2013 it wasn’t planned.

I really didn’t know I could draw. It was Mind therapy after losing my brother Jeff, he was always the artist of the family, I started drawing  within 3 months family and friends were impressed in what I had achieved. I made Prints and started selling to locals and French Quarter Gift shops. Selling consistently for 3 years. 

 It still amazes me, I draw with pen or pencil  to shape my work, then infill with mad color, or just black pen, with cross hatching  for a 3 hour drawing.

I am Printing T-Shirts, Mugs, & mousepads.  

​New line of buttons, stickers, & magnets. for fun.

​​And remember if you're not dreaming, it's only sleeping.

​​Hope you enjoy,

​Nelson "Chip" Snawder