My Art career started at the age of 48 at the passing of my artist brother Jeff. I had a box of markers he had giving me months before. He had always been the artist of the family after my father of course,  To ease my mind and struggles with my loss I began to draw detail sharp lines, and mad color, Sharpies mainly, I found the brilliant pop.

I have been printing small copies of my work and selling 

at local French Quarter shops and doing well.

My Artist mind is moving I see color fused together on canvas or wood, fluidity and color balance. It’s peaking my interests, Ive always loved Pollocks work. Stepping further and forcing the paint together blending on canvas. No brushes Only pour and splatter. 

My first works are available at Royal Street Stones, New Orleans. 

I'm excited  28 prints selling, postcards. (Since 2015)

 Embarking on my 4th year as a self-taught

pen and Ink Artist. Moving into Acrylic fluid color.

My latest work at bottom of gallery, The Swan, enjoy.

 And remember if you're not dreaming, it's only sleeping.

​​Hope you enjoy,

​Nelson "Chip" Snawder